A bit about us

We are photographers, graphic designers and each other’s better halves. We appreciate that every person is unique. We think your wedding day should be just as unique, too.



I currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my partner in crime surrounded by plants. I got my BFA in graphic design at Kendall College of Art and Design. Somewhere along the way I met Zac Sturgeon and I guess we hit it off. Some of my interests include: really clean rooms, constantly updating people with pictures of my cat, not staying up late, but also not getting up early, quoting obscure movie quotes to the frustration of others, cooking, pondering the weirdest thing to ever happen in places I pass in the car, studying light and how it affects an image, drinking coffee, getting a lot of check marks and Zac Sturgeon.



I’m a lover of love; a romantic you may say. I am lucky enough to tell other people's love stories through photos with my best friend and wife, Jessie. My interests include anything design or photography related. Some call me a workaholic, but I prefer passionate. Jessie and I met in college where I also earned a BFA degree in Graphic Design. I own way too many clothes and almost none of them would include a color on the color wheel, I am a rap music enthusiast but also love a good portion of old school Motown, and you’ll rarely see me without a Diet Coke in my hand.


Top Image Credit: Justine Montigny