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Why JN Photography isn't working for me anymore.. and why I'm happy about it

"I've outgrown JN Photography. And I'm so happy about it. It isn't a one [wo]man show, anymore. It's a collaboration with my partner [Zac Sturgeon]. We are so excited to make this transition over the next couple of months. But that doesn't mean just a change in the name and a face lift for the brand. Since we both have an existential crisis trying to choose just one discipline, JN Photography (name pending) is going to be so much more than what I meagerly thought of at the age of 19. But because we don't want to spoil the surprise, please follow along on my Instagram and my Facebook for updates, teasers and also some great offers for 2018. This is truly a passion of ours and we are thrilled to finally initiate what we've been discussing for the past year and a half."

- Jessie & Zac Sturgeon

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