There are two things that we care about most: you and your wedding. Your mental well-being during the stress of wedding planning is every bit as important as the wedding itself. We have compiled a few recommendations and resources regarding venues, timelines, and vendors that will hopefully help your planning and ease your stress.



Wedding planning can be daunting. The wedding market is oversaturated and the possibilities are endless. It’s easy to lose yourself amongst the options. It’s important to focus on what kind of environment fits you and your fiancé’s personalities and your dream. Not someone else’s. Your wedding is about you two and the love you share, and the location should fit that. This is one part of your wedding we feel should be a top priority, because it completely sets the tone of the wedding.

Try to think outside the box, too! Sure, there’s that one reception hall that everyone in your hometown has used, but sometimes the best location is one you’d never think of using!



  • Natural light (big windows or even better, outdoors!)
  • Interesting architectural elements (exposed brick, industrial lighting, murals, crazy paint colors, big columns, tall archways, etc.)
  • Room to move around during the ceremony (i.e. aisles on the sides for flexibility)
  • Wedding party photo opportunities (especially with big groups, having a location that works for multiple people in a row is useful!)


  • Your own home or a relative’s home. This is perfect for creating a uniquely intimate setting, filled with memories that would be unachievable elsewhere.
  • A park! The great outdoors has so many benefits, it would take a lot of typing to list out all of its pros. Nature is already beautiful, so decoration doesn’t need to be extreme and natural light is every photographer’s dream. (see more on lighting below)
  • The Venue Report – This site is great for researching venues both locally and globally. It details information for you on venues in one easy to use website. It can also provide inspiration for out of the ordinary venue ideas that might be perfect for you, you just hadn’t thought of it yet.


Castle Farms, Charlevoix, Michigan 
A wedding venue straight out of a fairy tale – who knew Michigan had castles? Well, they do, and it’s a perfect place for an elegant getaway wedding.

Milestone Barn, Bannister, Michigan
This location is tucked away in the middle of nowhere and every nook and cranny is photo-ready. It is complete with a perfect getting ready area for the ladies, too!

Mission Table, Traverse City, Michigan
An old restaurant located along a peninsula of Lake Michigan, this place is perfect for a small, intimate wedding venue with some of the best food I for sure have ever eaten.

Packard Proving Grounds, Shelby Township, Michigan
Located in Metro Detroit area, obviously a car theme makes sense. This interesting old home/garage combination is absolutely fantastic for your vintage car loving self. Or if you just like industrial garages paired with early 20th century homes. This spot has an amazing reception hall and ceremony site as well as beautiful grounds for pictures and vintage cars that they will happily give you access to!

Planterra Conservatory, West Bloomfield Township, Michigan
This is the perfect “happy medium” for a Michigander who loves the outdoors but also is aware that rain is no stranger here. The conservatory offers beautiful gardens and natural light while protecting your wedding from the elements.



When planning your wedding, it’s easy to feel like you “have” to have your ceremony in the afternoon and your reception during dinner. But nowhere is it written you have to stick to the usual schedule. It’s important to think about the lighting that occurs at different parts of the day. For example, at high noon, the sun will cast hard shadows and highlights that will be clearly visible in the photographs. The hour before sunset gives you the warm hazy light, but the hour directly after is still usable light as well! Twilight can give you moody images that are quietly beautiful. What about a morning ceremony with a pancake brunch afterward? There are no rules to a wedding, so do what fits you. We are happy to talk over scheduling with you to help create a timeline that works for you that will also get you the best photographs.