2016 | A Year in Review

Hello, dear friends,

This past year has been one of the biggest transitions of my life and I've been struggling to stay afloat through all the changes and stressful situations. But there have also been so many memories made and beautiful moments witnessed along with it. I'm so grateful photography is a creative outlet for me and that I have been able to capture so many of those moments. I wanted to create a personal post to share a select few, because they're important to me. 

2016 brought a new boyfriend who turned into a fiancé, a BFA in design and photography, new jobs, new homes, and new places explored. Here is a peek into some of the adventures 2016 brought me. I'm so excited to journey into 2017 with those closest to me by my side. 


Photos were taken in the great lands of Michigan, California, and Illinois in the year 2016.

All engagement pictures taken by the wonderful Jenna Borst Photography